Outdoor Propane Patio Heater Operating Instruction       Outdoor Patio Heater Operating Instructions


  • Turn on valve on the gas supply cylinder completely
  • Firmly press down and counterclockwise turn the variable control knob to the “LIGHT” position.  While holding down the variable control knob, press the igniter button several times until the pilot flame comes on.  Press down the variable control knob and hold for 20 seconds to keep the pilot flame lighting.  If the pilot does not light, repeat again.
  • Release the variable control knob and switch between “LOW” and “HIGH” to a desire temperature position.

NOTE: If pilot or main burner do not ignite. STOP and wait 5 minutes and repeat the steps above. 


  • Turn the variable control knob to “LIGHT” position.
  • Press down lightly and turn to “OFF” position.
  • Turn the gas tank off completely.


Do not use the propane heater in an explosive atmosphere.  Keep the heater away form areas where gasoline or other flammable liquids or vapors are stored.  Prior to check for damaged parts such as hoses, regulators, pilot  or burner.  Do not attempt to alter unit in any manner.  Example: using the heater without the top dome reflector or emitter screen.  Do not shorten the burner post assembly.  The appliance shall not be used in basements or below ground level.  It must always be placed on a solid and level surface.  Always maintain proper clearance to combustible materials (top: 21”, sides: 24”).  Always assure there is ample fresh air ventilation.  For outdoor use only!  Do not clean the heater with cleaners that are combustible or corrosive.  Do not paint emitter screen, control panes or top dome reflector.  All leak tests should be done with a soap and water solution.  NEVER USE AN OPEN FLAME TO CHECK FOR LEAKS.  The LP gas cylinder should be turned off when the heater is not in use. 

Check the patio heater immediately if any of the following exist:

  1. The smell of gas in conjunction with extreme yellow colored tips of the burner flames.
  2. The heater does not reach temperature.
  3. The burner makes popping noise during use (a slight popping noise is normal when the burner is extinguished after using). 

Children and adults should be aware of the hazards of high surface temperature and shall stay away to avoid clothing burn or ignition.  Young children should be carefully supervised when they are in the area of the heater.  Clothing or other flammable material should not be hung from the patio heater, or place on or near the patio heater.  Any guard or other protective device removed for servicing the heater must be replaced prior to operating the patio heater.  Installation and repair should be done by a qualified service person.  The patio heater should be inspected before use and cleaning may be required at least once a year, or as necessary.  It is imperative that control compartment, burner and circulation air passageways of the outdoor heater be kept clean.  Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.  Keep the ventilation opening of the cylinder enclosure free and clear of debris.