How to use the chocolate fountain                               How to use the Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fountain is just to be plugged in, however I have the below recipe recommended: " We recommend a good quality Guittard chocolate. We recommend this specific name and type of chocolate because if its unique ability to melt and turn shiny. The taste is superior to all other brands.

Preheat your chocolate fountain. Then start with a zip-lock bag. Fill with 1-2 lbs. of chocolate and vegetable oil. The oil is used to help the chocolate flow nicely and evenly. A good amount of oil is about 1/4 cup of oil to about 2 pounds of chocolate, or to taste. Add the oil directly to the chocolate in the bag so it will mix while melting.

After adding the oil to the chocolate, zip the bag closed (make sure the bag is really closed or you'll have a big mess!!!). You can double bag the chocolate if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Placed the closed bag with chocolate and oil in the microwave and microwave in 30 second intervals, kneading in between, to prevent scorching.

Make sure the chocolate is completely melted and has no chunks of chocolate in it.

With your chocolate fondue fountain preheated, grab the bag with the chocolate and cut about 2 inches off one corner so you can easily poor the chocolate into the fountain.

Repeat the procedure until your chocolate fountain is loaded with chocolate fondue.

To liven up your chocolate fountain - try melting cream with the chocolate and then adding Kahlua, Irish Cream, coffee, or Amaretto to the chocolate instead of oil.

Or try adding chocolate flavoring oil - 1 bottle per 5 pounds of chocolate."